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About the projects developed at GROW

GROW Partners with multiple entities in order to develop field work related to wireless technologies.
Below you will find the projects we are currently working on, you can also view the finished projects developed over the years.

Projects In Developement

Joint EuCNC & 6G Summit

Joint EuCNC & 6G Summit

It is the purpose of EuConNeCts, a Supporting Action, to organise the following 2 editions, 2019 and 2021, of the EC sponsored conference in the area of communication networks and systems. The conference will be named EuCNC - European Conference on Networks and Communications. EuCNC will serve as a technical and scientific conference for researchers, namely European ones, to show their work in the area of Telecommunications, focusing on communication networks and systems, but reaching services and applications. However, the conference will not be restricted to European researchers, rather aiming at attracting others from all the other regions in the world. It will also serve as a showcase for the work developed by projects co-financed by the EC.

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Inclusive Radio Communication Networks for 5G and beyond

Radio Communications have become one of the pillars on which our Society relies for performing many daily tasks. Today, the number of connected devices is increasing exponentially, reflecting not only enthusiastic smartphone adoption but also increasing connectivity of machines, sensors, vehicles and other devices for health and smart environments.

The Inclusive Radio Communications (IRACON) concept defines those technologies aimed to support wireless connectivity at any rates, for any communicating units, and in any type of scenarios. The Wireless Internet of Things beyond 2020 will require revolutionary approaches in Radio Access technologies, networks and systems. Some theoretical foundations have to be revisited and breaking technologies are to be discovered during the coming decade.

This COST Action aims at scientific breakthroughs by introducing novel design and analysis methods for the 5th-generation (5G) and beyond-5G radio communication networks. Challenges include i) modelling the variety of radio channels that can be envisioned for future inclusive radio, ii) capacity, energy, mobility, latency, scalability at the physical layer and iii) network automation, moving nodes, cloud and virtualisation architectures at the network layer, as well as iv) experimental research addressing Over-the-Air testing, Internet of Things, localization and tracking and new radio access technologies.

The group of experts supporting this proposal comes from both academia and industry, from a wide spread of countries all over Europe, with the support of some non-COST institutions and R&D associations and standardisation bodies worldwide. The proposers have also long experience on COST Actions in the Radiocommunications field.

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Information on Electromagnetic Radiation in Mobile Communications

FAQtos is a national project that aims to provide relevant information on electromagnetic fields from mobile communication systems to the public. With the exceptional development of mobile communication systems in recent years, and hence, the growth of the number of base stations, the public consciousness in this issue has increased. Through a set of different activities, FAQtos tries to clarify public’s concerns about the possible health hazards, as a consequence of being exposed to electromagnetic fields in every location, or when using a mobile phone.

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