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GROW News Dec/2006

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Vol. 1, No. 3, Dec. 2006


In this issue:

1. People

2. Theses

3. Conferences & Seminars

4. Projects

5. Training Courses



1. People

You’ll find here all relevant information about incoming and outgoing people, besides other related news.


Aurora, Lúcio and Filipa’s daughter, was born on Dec. 12th. Congratulations to them.



2. Theses

Information about M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses, not only from Portuguese students but also from those within the scope of International Students Exchange Programs, submitted or published in the period, or to be defended in the next month.


Congratulations to Carla Oliveira, who completed the M.Sc. studies, on Dec. 5th, by successfully defending her thesis, entitled “Estimation of Exclusion Zones for Base Station Antennas in Wireless Communication Systems”. We wish all the best for her professional career.



3. Conferences and Seminars

Please find bellow the list of Conferences, Seminars and other events held during this period, and to be held next month.



António Serrador, “A Cost Function Model to Evaluate Heterogeneous Networks Performance”, GROWing meeting



4. Projects

News about the several projects in which GROW is involved.



The next project meeting will be on 2007-01-16/17, organised by GROW, at IST, Lisbon.


eMobility –

Luis M. Correia attended the Steering Board on Dec. 14th.

A White Paper on “Future Internet: From Mobile and Wireless Perspective”, addressing the challenges for the Post-IP era is under preparation, being expected to be available by the beginning of February.


COST2100 –

The kick-off meeting of this new project took place in Brussels, on Dec. 12th / 13th, being attended by Luis M. Correia. A proposal for a SIG (Special Interest Group) on References Scenarios, to be leaded by Lúcio Ferreira, was accepted.



Rui Neves attended the project meeting, in Madrid, Spain, on Dec. 14th.


monIT –

The project had several actions during December, namely the installation of the continuous probes in several municipalities.



The next project meeting will be on 2007-01-18/19, in Grenoble, France.


The Call for proposals for IST Programme (European Commission) 7th Framework R&D projects was launched on Dec. 22nd, with the deadline on 2007-05-08.



5. Training Courses

Information on training courses lectured or attended by members of GROW.


One more edition of the one-day course on “Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation in Mobile Communications”, organised by Luis M. Correia, and lectured by Carlos C. Fernandes and Luis M. Correia, was held on Dec. 15th, for technicians from the Ministry of Health.