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GROW News Oct/2013

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Vol. 8, No. 09, Oct. 2013


In this issue:

1. People

2. Publications

3. Conferences, Meetings & Seminars

4. Projects




1. People

Information about incoming and outgoing people, besides other related news.


The M.Sc. students enrolled in the past academic year are about to graduate. We wish them good luck for the theses defences.



2. Publications

Information about publications, at both national and international levels, concerning papers submitted, accepted, or published in the period.


Mackowiak,M. and Correia,L.M., “Using Virtual MIMO in Off-Body Channels for Power Efficient Communications”, submitted to EuCAP 2014 – 8th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, Hague, The Nederlands, Apr. 2014.


Cardoso,F.D., Petersson,S., Boldi,M., Mizuta,S., Dietl,G., Torrea-Duran,R., Desset,C., Leinonen,J. e Correia,L.M., “Energy Efficient Transmission Techniques for LTE”, IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 51, No. 10, Oct. 2013, pp. 182-190.


Correia,L.M., “Smart Cities: from Telecommunications to Applications”, Actas do Worshop NOVABASE TechWeek, Lisboa, Portugal, Oct. 2013.




3. Conferences, Meetings & Seminars

List of Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, and other events held and attended during this period, and to be held the following month.



Luis M. Correia

Pedro Pinheiro Ph.D. thesis defence, U. Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal



Luis M. Correia

NEWCOM# Steering Board Meeting, Poznan, Poland



Luis M. Correia, “Mobile Communications”

ISUTC, Maputo, Mozambique



Luisa Caeiro, “Wireless Access Virtualisation: Physical versus Virtual Capacity”

Michal Mackowiak, “MIMO Capacity Performance of Off-Body Radio Channels in a Street Environment”

GROWing meeting



Luis M. Correia

EuCNC’2014 Steering Committee Meeting, Brussels, Belgium



Luis M. Correia

EC Concertation Meeting, Brussels, Belgium



Luis M. Correia

Thomas M. Bonhert Ph.D. thesis defence, U. Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal



Luis M. Correia

Net!Works General Assembly, Brussels, Belgium



Luis Correia

Michal Mackowiak, “Modelling MIMO Systems in Body Area Networks in Outdoors”

Bilateral Meeting with University of Novi Sad, Lisbon, Portugal



Luis M. Correia, “Smart Cities: from Telecommunications to Applications”

Worshop NOVABASE TechWeek, Lisboa, Portugal



Diogo Almeida, “Inter-Cell Interference Impact on LTE Performance in Urban Scenarios”

GROWing meeting



Dinis Rocha, “Analysis of the Implementation of LTE-Advanced in a Low Exposure Perspective”

GROWing meeting



Luis M. Correia

University of Oulu RAE’2013, Copenhagen, Denmark



Ricardo Santos, “Assessment of Wind Turbines Generators Influence in Aeronautical Radars”

Joana Fernandes, “Assessment of Wind Turbines Generators Influence in Aeronautical Navigation Systems”

Pedro Martins, “Analysis of Wireless Clouds Implementation in LTE-Advanced”

GROWing meeting



João Martins, “Impact of MIMO and Carrier Aggregation in LTE-Advanced”

Jaime Pereira, “Small Cell Deployment evaluation on LTE”

Joana Falcão, “Inter-Cell Interferences in LTE Radio Networks”

GROWing meeting



Daniel Sebastião, Michal Mackowiak, Filipe Cardoso

LEXNET Project General Meeting, Grenoble, France



Luis M. Correia

ITU Telecom World, Bangkok, Thailand



Michal Mackowiak

7th URSI Portuguese Congress, Lisbon, Portugal



Lúcio Ferreira, Luís M. Correia, Mónica Branco, Sina Khatibi

MCN Project GA Meeting, Berlin, Germany



4. Projects

News about the several projects in which GROW is involved.


COST IC1004 –

Contributions are being prepared for the next meeting.



Daniel Sebastião is leading the work on cluster #4 for WP5, and is progressing the work on simulations using OPNET. Michal Mackowiak has performed the initial simulations for the Eartha DATA posture in 3G/4G scenarios (WP2), as well as on numerical simulations with the simplified dosimeter model (WP3). Contribution to various deliverables has been done, namely D2.3 (“Scenarios”), D2.4 (“Global Wireless Exposure Metric Definition”) and D3.1 (“Exposure Index Assessment v1”). The first newsletter issue is now available in the LEXNET website, prepared by Filipe Cardoso. The preparation of LEXNET convened session at EuCAP’2014 by Filipe Cardoso is ongoing.



Lúcio Ferreira, Sina Khatibi and Mónica Branco contributed and reviewed deliverables D3.1 “Infrastructure Management Foundations – Specifications & Design for MobileCloud framework” of WP3, and D2.2 “Overall Architecture Definition, Release 1” of WP2. There was also a contribution to D4.1 “Mobile Network Cloud Component Design” of WP4, addressing the RAN as a Service (RANaaS). The work on the development of the model on management of virtual radio resources and model for load balancing between RRHs and BBUs is progressing.



Contribution to various deliverables has been done, namely D11.1 (“Fundamental issues on energy- and bandwidth-efficient communications and networking”), D13.1 (“Fundamental issues on the performance of wireless networks and related results”) and D23.2 (“First report on tools and their integration on the experimental setups”), by Michal Mackowiack, Carla Oliveira, Lúcio Ferreira, Luisa Caeiro and Sina Khatibi. Moreover, the review of several deliverables from Track 3 has been performed by Luis M. Correia.



FAQtos is a new project, which continues the work performed in the monIT project, on risk communication to EMFs from wireless networks. All the project information and its website are being prepared, and will be available soon. A new contest to the secondary schools pupils is also being prepared, to be launched in November.