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GROW News Dec/2008

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Vol. 3, No. 14, Dec. 2008


In this issue:

1. People

2. Publications

3. Conferences & Seminars

4. Projects



1. People

Information about incoming and outgoing people, besides other related news.


Martijn Kuipers has left us, after a few years with GROW. We wish him good luck to his professional career.


GROW has one more members on board, in the pursuit of the M.Sc. thesis: Gonçalo Carvalho.



2. Publications

Information about publications, at both national and international levels, concerning papers submitted, accepted, or published in the period.


Luis M. Correia, “What the Internet Needs now and in the Future?”, ServiceWave, Madrid, Spain, Dec. 2008


Luis M. Correia, “Future Telecommunications Networks and EMF exposure”, 15th FTRD Seminar on Interactions of RF with the Human Being, Paris, France, Dec. 2008


Daniel Sebastião and Luís M. Correia, “Towards an Optimisation of Parameters Setting in WLANs”, accepted to VTC’2009 Spring – IEEE 69th Vehicular Technology Conference, Barcelona, Spain, Apr. 2009.


João Lopes, Luís M. Correia and Luis Santo, “Performance Analysis of UMTS/HSPA at the Cellular Level”, accepted to VTC’2009 Spring – IEEE 69th Vehicular Technology Conference, Barcelona, Spain, Apr. 2009.



3. Conferences and Seminars

List of Conferences, Seminars, meetings, and other events held and attended during this period, and to be held next month.



Luis M. Correia

eMobility Steering Board Meeting, Brussels, Belgium



Carla Oliveira, “Characterizing On-Body Wireless Sensor Networks”

Carla Oliveira, “Modelling Body Area Networks”

Micha? Ma?kowiak, “Building a Statistical Model for MIMO in Body Area Networks”

Jörgen Nordberg, “Signalling and Detection of UWB Signals based on a Dual-doublet Transmitted Reference Scheme”

GROW Meeting



António Serrador, Luísa Caeiro

4WARD WP3 Meeting, Paris, France



Luis M. Correia, “What the Internet Needs Now and in the Future?”

ServiceWave, Madrid, Spain



Luis M. Correia, “Future Telecommunications Networks and EMF exposure”

15th FTRD Seminar on Interactions of RF with the Human Being, Paris, France



Rebecca Mayer, “A Spatial Approach to Costing ICT Infrastructure Investment in Africa”

Patrick Agyapong, “Interference Tolerance Signalling Using TDD Busy Tone Concept”

GROWing meeting



Luis M. Correia, Ph.D. Jury of Mario Garcia Lozano, “Contribution to Wireless Access Optimisation and Dynamic Enhancement of WCDMA Networks”, Polytechnic University of Catalonia,

Barcelona, Spain



Carla Oliveira and Ana Fred, “ECG-based authentication: Bayesian vs. Nearest Neighbour Classifiers”

Biosignals 2009, Porto, Portugal



Luís M. Correia, Daniel Sebastião, Filipe Cardoso, António Serrador, Luísa Caeiro, Lúcio Ferreira

4WARD General Meeting, Lisboa, Portugal.




4. Projects

News about the several projects in which GROW is involved.



Daniel Sebastião contributed to the use-cases work. António Serrador and Luisa Caeiro have attended the WP3 meeting in Paris, devoted to the finalisation of Deliverable D3.1 “Virtualisation Approach: Concept”, and to the preparation of a demo. Filipe Cardoso is working on a new version of the document on Physical Layer Awareness, which will be will be presented and discussed during the next Lisbon meeting in January. Within WP5, Lucio Ferreira is currently working on Wireless Mesh Networks.


COST2100 –

The preparation for the next meeting in February has started.


eMobility –

Diana Ladeira has circulated the first version of the Deliverable 1.2 “SAA – Strategic Applications Agenda”.


monIT –

The team was present in the Futurália exhibition, where it had a stand presenting the project, and was available to talk with the visitors and measure their mobile phones radiation. Also, information activities continued with several actions being held in schools.



António Serrador has issued the WPR9 Deliverable DR.9.1 “Identification of relevant scenarios, use cases and initial studies on JRRM and ASM strategies” final version. The report has been sent to the NEWCOM++ Executive Board for reviewing, and then delivered to the Project Officer.



Lúcio Ferreira issued a final technical report of the work developed in WIP during the three years of duration. The project has finished this month.