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GROW News Nov/2013

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Vol. 8, No. 10, Nov. 2013

In this issue:
1. People
2. Publications
3. Conferences, Meetings & Seminars
4. Projects


1. People

Information about incoming and outgoing people, besides other related news.

The M.Sc. students enrolled in the past academic year, Dinis Rocha, Diogo Almeida, Jaime Pereira, Joana Falcão, Joana Fernandes, João Martins, Pedro Martins and Ricardo Santos, have all graduated, with very good marks. We wish them good luck for their professional career.

Ricardo Santos won the prize for Student Best Paper Award at the “7º Congresso do Comité Português da URSI”, Lisboa, Portugal, Nov. 2013. Congratulations!

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014.


2. Publications

Information about publications, at both national and international levels, concerning papers submitted, accepted, or published in the period.

Diogo X. Almeida, Luis M. Correia and Marco Serrazina, “Inter-Cell Interference Impact on LTE Performance in Urban Scenarios”, Actas do 7º Congresso do Comité Português da URSI, Lisboa, Portugal, Nov. 2013.

Ricardo M. Santos, Luis M. Correia, Carlos Alves, Luis Pissarro and Álvaro Albino, “Assessment of Wind Turbines Generators influence in Aeronautical Radars”, Actas do 7º Congresso do Comité Português da URSI, Lisboa, Portugal, Nov. 2013.

Joana A. Fernandes, Luís M. Correia, Carlos Alves, Luís Pissarro and Márcio Teixeira, “Assessment of Wind Turbines Generators Influence in Aeronautical Navigation Systems”, Actas do 7º Congresso do Comité Português da URSI, Lisboa, Portugal, Nov. 2013.

Dinis Rocha, Luís M. Correia and Carla Oliveira, “Analysis of the Implementation of LTE Advanced in a Low Exposure Perspective”, Actas do 7º Congresso do Comité Português da URSI, Lisboa, Portugal, Nov. 2013.

Carla Oliveira, Michal Mackowiak and Luis M. Correia, “MIMO Models for Smart On- and Off-Body Communications”, Actas do 7º Congresso do Comité Português da URSI, Lisboa, Portugal, Nov. 2013.

Lúcio S. Ferreira, Mónica Branco, Luis M. Correia, Dominique Pichon, Anna Pizzinati, André Gomes and Desislava Dimitrova, “RAN on-demand. The MCN approach for a Cloud Computing-Based LTE network”, Proc. of FUSECO’2013 – 4th Forum on Future Seamless Communication, Berlin, Germany, Nov. 2013.


3. Conferences, Meetings & Seminars

List of Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, and other events held and attended during this period, and to be held the following month.

Diogo Almeida, “Inter-Cell Interference Impact on LTE Performance in Urban Scenarios”
GROWing meeting

Dinis Rocha, “Analysis of the Implementation of LTE-Advanced in a Low Exposure Perspective”
GROWing meeting

Luis M. Correia
University of Oulu RAE’2013, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ricardo Santos, “Assessment of Wind Turbines Generators Influence in Aeronautical Radars”
Joana Fernandes, “Assessment of Wind Turbines Generators Influence in Aeronautical Navigation Systems”
Pedro Martins, “Analysis of Wireless Clouds Implementation in LTE-Advanced”
GROWing meeting

João Martins, “Impact of MIMO and Carrier Aggregation in LTE-Advanced”
Jaime Pereira, “Small Cell Deployment evaluation on LTE”
Joana Falcão, “Inter-Cell Interferences in LTE Radio Networks”
GROWing meeting

Daniel Sebastião, Michal Mackowiak, Filipe Cardoso
LEXNET Project General Meeting, Grenoble, France

Luis M. Correia
ITU Telecom World, Bangkok, Thailand

Michal Mackowiak, Ricardo Santos, Diogo Almeida, Dinis Rocha, Joana Fernandes
7th URSI Portuguese Congress, Lisbon, Portugal

Lúcio Ferreira, Luís M. Correia, Mónica Branco, Sina Khatibi
MCN Project GA Meeting, Berlin, Germany

Luis M. Correia, “Electromagnetic Radiation Monitoring” (in Portuguese)
Seminário 20 Anos de Ambiente na Defesa Nacional, Lisboa, Portugal

Luis M. Correia
SmartSantander Project review, Santander, Spain

Luis M. Correia
Dr. Guillaume Villemaud defence of Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, Université Claude Bernard Lyon I – INSA, Lyon, France

Luís M. Correia, “Mobile Phones – Myths and Facts”
Mónica Branco
Seminários Internos da PT Comunicações, Lisbon, Portugal


4. Projects

News about the several projects in which GROW is involved.

COST IC1004 –
Contributions are being prepared for the next meeting.

The definition of an Exposure Index by the project team continues to proceed, and this will be integrated into the simulation tools being developed within INOV (Using OPNET Modeler). The second newsletter issue is being prepared and will be delivered in December.

A paper entitled “An architecture to offer cloud-based RAN-as-a-Service” is being prepared. INOV defined an experimentation roadmap for benchmarking the performance of cloud-based RAN as well as for traffic generation in OpenEPC emulator. INOV is progressing with research on “radio and cloud resources management for cloud-based RAN” as well as “management of virtual radio resources”. INOV is preparing a National Workshop to be held in Lisbon in June 2014.

Michal Mackowiak had a telco with PUT, and discussed future work plan on the JRA on Virtual MIMO for BANs. Sina Khatibi and Luisa Caeiro discussed the opportunities for collaboration with UPC and Univ. of Oulo on Virtual Radio Resource Management. INOV is preparing the Track 1 and Track 2 meeting, which will take place in January in Lisbon.

FAQtos is the new project from the GROW team, which will continue the work from the monIT project, on risk communication to EMF’s from wireless networks. The website is already available (although not complete yet). A new contest to the secondary schools pupils was also launched, and registrations were open until November 30th. 51 groups are participating in this contest, which encompasses a total of 149 students, from 28 schools.