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GROW News Jun/2010

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Vol. 5, No. 6, Jun. 2010

In this issue:
1. Publications
2. Conferences, Meetings & Seminars
3. Projects


1. Publications

Information about publications, at both national and international levels, concerning papers submitted, accepted, or published in the period.

António Serrador, Andrea Carniani, Virginia Corvino and Luís M. Correia, “Radio Access to Heterogeneous Wireless Networks through JRRM Strategies”, Proceedings of NEWCOM++ Workshop at the Future Network & Mobile Summit, Florence, Italy June 2010.

Luis M. Correia, Thomas R. Banniza, Anna M. Biraghi, João Gonçalves, Mario Kind, Thomas Monath, Daniel Sebastião, Klaus Wuenstel, Jukka Salo, “Evaluation of Business Use Cases in the Future Internet”, Proceedings of Future Network and Mobile Summit, Florence, Italy, June 2010.

Luísa Caeiro, António Serrador, Filipe D. Cardoso Luís M. Correia, “Radio Resource Management in Multiple Virtual Networks”, Proceedings of Future Network and Mobile Summit, Florence, Italy, June 2010.

Luis M. Correia, Klaus Wuenstel, “Socio-Economic Studies Results in 4WARD”, Proceedings of the 3rd 4WARD BIRD Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2010.

João Gonçalves, Daniel Sebastião, Luis M. Correia, “Building a Business Model for Hosting Ad-hoc Communities in the Future Internet”, Proceedings of the 3rd 4WARD BIRD Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2010.


2. Conferences, Meetings and Seminars

List of Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, and other events held and attended during this period, and to be held the following month.

Carla Oliveira, Michal Mackowiak
CST Workshop on Electromagnetic Simulation Software, and COST 2100 Tutorial on “Multi-Link Channel Modelling for Relay and Cooperative Communication Systems”, Aalborg, Denmark

Luís M. Correia
eMobility Steering Board Meeting, Brussels, Belgium

Luís M. Correia, António Serrador, Carla Oliveira, Michal Mackowiak
COST 2100 11th MC Meeting, Aalborg, Denmark

Luís M. Correia, Daniel Sebastião, Luísa Caeiro, António Serrador
Future Internet and Mobile Summit, Florence, Italy

Luís M. Correia, Daniel Sebastião, João Gonçalves, Lúcio Ferreira
4WARD General Meeting and 3rd BIRD Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden


3. Projects

News about the several projects in which GROW is involved.

Daniel Sebastião and João Gonçalves delivered the final contribution to the deliverable D-1.4 “Final Assessment on the Non-technical Drivers” and finalised the work on the book. Filipe Cardoso has finalised the deliverable D-5.5 “Physical Layer Awareness”. Lúcio Ferreira finalised the contribution to deliverable D-5.3 “Evaluation of Generic Path architecture and mechanisms” with a chapter entitled “Wireless Mesh Networks: A design exercise for the GP Model”, as well as the deliverable D-5.4 “In Network Management for Generic Path”, presenting the achievements of WP4 & WP5 cross task. A paper entitled “Fiat Object: Object Orientation in Future Internet”, in collaboration with University of Basel, has been submitted to the Computer Networks Journal. The project has finished.

COST2100 –
Carla Oliveira is still working on the “Body Communications” section of the COST book. Carla Oliveira presented a TD, at the Aalborg meeting, entitled “A Statistical Analysis of User’s Influence in Body Area Networks”. António Serrador presented a TD, at the Aalborg meeting, entitled “A Model to Evaluate Vertical Handovers on JRMM”.

António Serrador contributed with updates to the report IM3.1. Filipe Cardoso finalised the contribution to report IM4.1.

eMobility –
Diana Ladeira has finalised the Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Applications, which are available at eMobility’s website. The chapter to the Strategic Research Agenda based on the Strategic Applications Agenda has been finalised.

António Serrador has attended the WPR9 meeting by presenting the IST-TUL contributions to the third and last WPR9 deliverable, DR-9.3.

monIT –
The final ceremony of Prémio monIT was on June 26th, where the 10 finalist teams presented their work to the Final Jury and to an auditorium of more than one hundred people. The prizes were delivered to the teams of pupils as follows: 1st place to ES Raul Proença, Caldas da Rainha; 2nd place to EP D. Mariana Seixas, Viseu; 3rd place to ES do Lumiar, Lisboa. Two honorary awards were also given to Centro de Estudos de Fátima and ES Esmoriz. Congratulations to all the pupils for the valuable projects! The preparations for the next year’s edition of Prémio monIT are now underway.