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GROW News Nov/2009

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Vol. 4, No. 09, Nov. 2009


In this issue:

1. People

2. Publications

2. Conferences, Meetings & Seminars

3. Projects




1. People

Information about incoming and outgoing people, besides other related news.


As usual, this month has witnessed the discussions of the M.Sc. theses of the previous academic year. Jorge Venes, João Araújo, Nuno Jacinto and Gonçalo Carvalho have all graduated. Congratulations to all of them, and good luck to their professional career, which has already started for all of them.


Christmas and New Year are here. Season’s Greetings to all the readers of this Newsletter.



2. Publications

Information about publications, at both national and international levels, concerning papers submitted, accepted, or published in the period.


Carla Oliveira, Daniel Sebastião, Diana Ladeira, Mónica Antunes, Luís M. Correia, “Sources of Electromagnetic Fields in Radiofrequencies” (in Portuguese), Primeiro Congresso de Protecção Contra Radiações de Países e Comunidades de Língua Portuguesa, Lisboa, Portugal, Nov. 2009



3. Conferences, Meetings and Seminars

List of Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, and other events held and attended during this period, and to be held the following month.



Luis M. Correia

3.º Congresso do Comité Português da URSI, Lisboa, Portugal



Carla Oliveira

“Sources of Electromagnetic Fields in Radiofrequencies” (in Portuguese),

Primeiro Congresso de Protecção Contra Radiações de Países e Comunidades de Língua Portuguesa, Lisboa, Portugal



Luis M. Correia

Jury in Laurent Clavier’s “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches”

University of Lillle, Lille, France



Luís M. Correia

eMobility Steering Board meeting, Brussels, Belgium



António Serrador, Luísa Caeiro

4WARD WP3 Meeting, Karlsruhe, Germany



Luis M. Correia

Jury in Yves Lostanlen’s “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches”

University of Rennes, Rennes, France



4. Projects

News about the several projects in which GROW is involved.



Daniel Sebastião and João Gonçalves are working on the WP1 uses-cases, looking at traffic and business aspects. António Serrador edited the Conclusions section of WP3 Deliverable D3.2.0 “Virtualisation Approach: Evaluation and Integration”, and contributed, as WP3 contact person, to the new version of the Physical Layer Awareness paper. Within WP5, Lucio Ferreira has contributed to the edition of Deliverable D5.2 “Mechanisms for Generic Paths”, with a chapter on the use of the Generic Path architecture in Wireless Mesh Networks. Regarding the common task TC45 (synergies between the In-network Management and the Formux WPs) which he is co-leader, he has edited a section for D5.2 describing the cooperative work that has been established coming from this task, an internal report detailing this activity being also under finalisation.


COST2100 –

Contributions are being prepared for the next meeting.


eMobility –

Work on the next version of the SAA is ongoing.


monIT –

All students (more than 150) that have applied to Prémio monIT, the national contest for secondary schools, were accepted. A cooperation agreement was signed in a public ceremony with the municipality of Lisbon, in order to make continuous and localised measurements in several places of the city (mainly primary schools). It had a good coverage by the media, with several news stories appearing in newspapers and national TV. Following this agreement, Lisbon has now 6 active probe stations, summing to the ones installed in secondary schools of Moita and Évora. Daily results from these networks can be seen in monIT’s website. Public information actions in schools have been resumed, with several actions in schools being held during the month.



António Serrador has issued the WG1 reviewed contribution to WP-R.9 Deliverable D-R.9.2 “Definition and evaluation of JRRM and ASM algorithms”.