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Vol. 5, No. 10, Nov. 2010

In this issue:
1. People
2. Publications
3. Conferences, Meetings & Seminars
4. Projects
5. Training Courses


1. People

Information about incoming and outgoing people, besides other related news.

Two more GROWers have graduated this month, by defending his M.Sc. thesis: João Lopes and Carlos Lopes. All the best for them in their professional life.

GROW has one more member on board, in the pursuit of the M.Sc. thesis: Tiago Gonçalves.

Christmas and New Year are here. Season’s Greetings to all the readers of this Newsletter.


2. Publications

Information about publications, at both national and international levels, concerning papers submitted, accepted, or published in the period.

Carla Oliveira, Daniel Sebastião, Diana Ladeira, Mónica Branco, Luís M. Correia, “Resultados Globais das Medidas de Radiação Electromagnética Realizadas em Estabelecimentos de Ensino”, Décimas Quartas Jornadas Portuguesas de Protecção Contra Radiações, Lisbon, Portugal.

Giulio Dainelli, Marco Moretti, António Serrador and Luís M. Correia, “Statistical Analysis of Power Distribution for Radio Resource Management in OFDMA Cellular Systems”, NEWCOM++ Joint Workshop, Bologna, Italy.


3. Conferences, Meetings and Seminars

List of Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, and other events held and attended during this period, and to be held the following month.

Filipe Cardoso, António Serrador, Luis M. Correia
EARTH Meeting, Budapest, Hungary

Carla Oliveira, Luís M. Correia
Décimas Quartas Jornadas Portuguesas de Protecção Contra Radiações, Lisbon, Portugal

Daniel Sebastião, João Gonçalves
SAIL Meeting, Espoo, Finland

Luisa Caeiro
SAIL Meeting, Bremen, Germany

Diana Ladeira, Daniel Sebastião, Mónica Branco
COST BM0704 MC Meetings, Lisbon, Portugal

António Serrador, Carla Oliveira, Lúcio Ferreira, Michal Mackowiak
COST 2100 MC Meeting, Bologna, Italy

Luis M. Correia
eMobility Steering Board, Brussels, Belgium

Daniel Sebastião, Mónica Branco, Diana Ladeira
EuroSkills “O Campeonato Europeu das Profissões”, Lisboa, Portugal


4. Projects

News about the several projects in which GROW is involved.

COST2100 –
Carla Oliveira and Michal Mackowiak presented their works at the Bologna meeting.

António Serrador has updated the contribution on Deliverable D3.1 “Most promising tracks of green network technologies”, by performing simulations in order to obtain the energy efficiency gains in heterogeneous networks; this is mainly obtained by moving mobile terminals to the most efficient base stations. Filipe Cardoso finalised his work as chapter editor of Deliverable D4.1 “Most promising tracks of green radio technologies” on multi-antenna techniques.

eMobility –
Work on Smart Cities white paper is ongoing.

António Serrador has presented a joint paper entitled “Statistical Analysis of Power Distribution for Radio Resource Management in OFDMA Cellular Systems” at the NEWCOM++ joint WPR8&WPR9 workshop, co-authored with Giulio Dainelli (Pisa Univ.) and Marco Moretti (Pisa Univ.). Contributions to Deliverable DR9.3 were discussed

monIT –
Some information actions were done in schools spread all over the country, with several more being already scheduled for the next months. Also, in Prémio monIT, the first deadline is approaching, as the students need to fill in the first progress report by Dec. 17th.

Lúcio Ferreira and Luisa Caeiro contributed to the definition of scenarios, use-cases and stakeholders within WP-C “Open Connectivity”. Daniel Sebastião and João Gonçalves are working on Deliverable D.A.1 “Description of project wide scenarios and use cases”.


5. Training Courses

News about training courses organised and attended by people from GROW

Luis M. Correia will lectured a course for technicians at ISUTC (Instituto Superior de Transportes e Comunicações), Maputo, Mozambique, on “Mobile Communications”, on 2010-12-07/18.


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