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Vol. 2, No. 1, Jan. 2007

In this issue:
1. People
2. Publications
3. Conferences & Seminars
4. Projects
5. Website

1. People

You’ll find here all relevant information about incoming and outgoing people, besides other related news.

A new student within the SOCRATES exchange, from Warsaw Technical University, Michal Mackowiak, will join us next month, to do his M.Sc. thesis in the area of channel modelling.


2. Publications

Information about publications, at both national and international levels, concerning papers submitted, accepted, or published in the period.

António Serrador and Luís M. Correia, “A Cost Function for Heterogeneous Networks Performance Evaluation Based on Different Perspectives”, submitted to IST Mobile Summit 2007, Budapest, Hungary, July 2007.


3. Conferences and Seminars

List of Conferences, Seminars and other events held during this period, and to be held next month.

António Serrador, “A Cost Function Model to Evaluate Heterogeneous Networks Performance”, GROWing meeting.

Mónica Antunes, “Impact of HSDPA implementation on UMTS Interference and cell coverage”,
Pedro Baptista, “Impact of HSUPA implementation on UMTS Interference and cell coverage”,
GROWing meeting.

Ian Oppermann (University of Oulu and Nokia Networks, Finland), “Optimisation of 3G Networks”,
Therese Catanzariti (GE Healthcare, Finland), “GPL, MIT, BSD, OSS (and me): Introduction to Open Source”, IEEE ComSoc Portugal Chapter, IST, Lisbon, Portugal


4. Projects

News about the several projects in which GROW is involved.

GROW hosted a meeting on Jan. 16th-17th. António Serrador and Martijn Kuipers presented the progress of their contributions in AROMA, concerning CRRM concepts and Relative MIMO Gain, respectively.

eMobility –
The activities of the Working Group on Leading–Edge Applications, leaded by Luis M. Correia, are being launched.

COST2100 –
A SIG (Special Interest Group) on References Scenarios, leaded by Lúcio Ferreira, has been launched. GROW will host a meeting on Feb. 26th-28th.

monIT –
The project had several actions during January, namely measurements in various hospitals and public ceremonies on the signature of protocols with municipalities.

Several contributions to the project were made, namely:
(i) Contribution to Deliverable DR7.4 “Final Report on the activities carried out in Dept. 7”, with results produced by the CRRM Simulator, using the NEWCOM single cell scenario (UMTS R99, UMTS R5 and 802.11 family), from António Serrador and Luis M. Correia.
(ii) Contribution to Deliverable DR2.12 “Final report on channel characterization and modelling”, with results on the relative MIMO gain, from Martijn Kuipers and Luis M. Correia.
(iii) Contribution to Deliverable DI7.1.4 “Final Report on E-MORANS: scenarios, users and results”, where results obtained by the E-MORANS initiative, which deals with the definition of reference scenarios for performance assessment of heterogeneous radio access networks, were discussed by Lúcio Ferreira.

Lúcio Ferreira attended the meeting in Grenoble, France, on Jan. 18th-19th, where he gave an overview of the activities of IT during 2006, among other contributions.


5. Website

Information GROW’s website.

Still new data is being added to GROW’s website, which has already become an interesting overview of the work carried out in the Group for Research on Wireless.


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